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Our main focus when working with clients is Strategic Web Design, Lead Generation with the goal of creating satisfied customers. Everything we do on a web page has a purpose. It starts with a laser focus on your ideal client or customer. Who are they, what do they want or need, and in helping them to choose you over your competitor?

Lead Generation is the process of helping visitors find your site--welcoming them, intriguing them, and educating them enough to become a lead in your system. This happens when they choose to dig deeper and learn more and is triggered when they give us their name and email in exchange for collateral of equal value. We call this "give-to-get" essence, when people see the value in your blog, case study, video, spec sheet, or comparison, they are more apt to give you their basic information to get what you are offering.

Ideally, when they've seen, read, or watched enough they would convert to a marketing or sales lead, and ideally into a customer. The "Buyer's Journey" is a useful way to understand how people try to solve their needs, wants desires, or problems, and it takes them through a sales funnel approach, at which point they will either want to consult with you or are ready to order--creating a sale and a customer. While many websites jump to the ready-to-order button right away, many consumers research their options first, and as few as 2% are actually ready to purchase when they first enter a website. The job of your website is to get them to the "shopping cart phase", Demo, phases, or at least have them leave better informed and educated.

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Tools Of The Trade

As part of the Strategic Design and Lead Generation process, we offer these web services and use these tools to gain the analytics we need to make informed decisions regarding changes and tweaks to a website in the quest for Return on Investment.
The decisions we make in every area of marketing your product or service are based on numbers and trends.  The seat-of-the-pants design and pretty graphics typically don't drive traffic and help your website get found...and can prove costly, as ROI is difficult to prove. 


One tool we use extensively is the HubSpot CRM.  With all of our clients, those on HubSpot's platform and those on SquareSpace's we can use the HubSpot "Freemium" CRM tool. It's free and can track Contacts, Companies, and Deals. We've been using RV Rental companies, Medical leads and contacts (not for HIPPA info!), Real Estate Development, and Genetic Testing for both B2B and B2C marketing leads and deals. We've found that if you use spreadsheets we can build it on the CRM, enabling you to slice and dice to segment your reports and ideal customers. 


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.Your business will benefit by using Hubwerks expertise and the proven principles we've been using.  Let us help you with your marketing program, and together we'll become a powerful team, helping you to leapfrog over your competition and increase your profits.

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Here are four ways we can help a business like your's jump ahead of your competition

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1.png We begin by listening to gain a deeper understanding of your business, your message and your goals.

With over 50% of internet searches now being done on mobile devices, your website and its content and conversion tools need to adapt to the viewers platform of the moment, to enable a quality user experience. All of our sites look good and work the way they should because they are built with the goal of rendering responsively on mobile phones & pads, as well as on desktop and laptop computers.


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2.png We design or revise websites for people first, and for Search Engines secondly.

We incorporate what is called the "Buyer's Journey" approach into all our client's websites. Whether a visitor is educating themselves or is ready to buy your product, your website must meet them where they are at and guide them through the process until they have enough information to make a decision to use your product or service.  The days of stuffing keywords and meta tags to enhance your SEO won't help much if the content isn't relevant and helpful in solving a user's problems or questions.  Don't ever make a visitor ask, "so, what do I do now?"...make it easy for them to take that next step.

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3.png We build Responsive Web Designs that look as good on a phone and tablet as they do on a desktop.

With well over 50% of internet searches now being done on mobile devices, your website and its content and conversion tools need to adapt to the viewing platform to enable a quality user experience. All of our sites look good and work the way they should because they are built with the goal of rendering responsively on mobile phones and pads, as well as on desktop and laptop computers. 

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4.png Last but not least, we keep an eye on the goal of converting leads to customers, and increasing your bottom line.

If you spend a lot of money on different marketing media you must have said to yourself, "I want to know exactly what marketing efforts are making us money and why?".  We help to provide data to answer your questions and provide a plan for you to make more money.  This is done with our years of expertise along with using HubSpot's proven software.
"Hubwerks has been instrumental in helping Hoptocopter™ Films redefine our customer flow. The technology they use is incredibly powerful, but the real power of HubWerks is in their people. Their business experience and marketing insight has played a pertinent role in assuring we effectively communicate to our customer base."

SETH / OWNER + DIRECTOR + DP + EDITOR Hoptocopter Films

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"The Hubwerks guys have worked tirelessly not only to get my company found, but to convert viewers to users.  My confidence in Hubwerks’ ability to drive traffic through inbound conversion, blogging, SEO, and PPC/PPV has allowed me the ability to focus on running my business, not my website."

Eric P./Founder + CEO FundSpot

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